About Us

Good Vibrations Tattoo and Piercing Boutique is new to the Las Vegas tattoo scene.  We are planning to open our doors in January 2018 with a totally new vibe to the traditional tattoo parlor.  Our owner is a lifetime resident of Las Vegas and has worked in the community for over 30 years.  When she was looking to get her first tattoo in her hometown she found many of the locations to be somewhat intimidating and offering little to no privacy.  It was shortly after that she conferred with her partner about this and they decided that it was high time to offer a different option.

Come on in and sit down in our spacious and comfortable waiting area and flip through the artist’s portfolio books while sipping on coffee or infused water.  You can talk to our artists about your ideas and work together to create your piece of beautiful, wearable art.  Take some time to check out our jewelery offerings before your piercing or to add to your collection.

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